What is the function of the POL token?

2 min readMay 21, 2021

The POL management token has several Utility functions under the Polars protocol:

  • Ability to participate in polls on the Polars platform. First of all, this concerns user voting for the choice of events, the choice of the team, the change in the base volatility of polar tokens. Additionally, in the future, we will transform the Polars governance structure into a DAO, and all important decisions regarding the further development of the Polars protocol will be made by voting among the POL token holders.
  • POL holders will be able to create their own custom polar tokens on the Polars platform.
  • POL holders will be able to increase their Farming APY through Staking.
  • POL will be one of the underlying assets on the Polars platform alongside BUSD or USDC. With POL, it will be possible to buy and sell polar tokens.
  • POL holders will be able to use the leverage on the Polars platform at better terms.
  • POL holders will have access to the distribution of historical sports NFTs. Both internal and third-party NFTs (NBATopshop and others),
  • POL Holders can gain Advanced User status by staking tokens on the Polars platform. 30% of the income of the Polars platform goes to the buyback of POL tokens from the market. Further, the redeemed tokens are distributed proportionally among the “Advanced Users”.
  • POL is used to reward users for their activity on the Polars platform: providing liquidity, trading activity, referral trading activity, participating in voting, providing POL liquidity, participating in platform testing.


  • Polars Platform Voting
  • Polar Token Creation
  • Increase Farming APY
  • Base Polars Asset
  • Leverage Bonus
  • NFT Distribution “Power
  • User Status
  • Platform rewards
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