List of future Polars features (Shortlist)

  1. MVP (Base Pool, Liquid Pool, Trade Pool, Farming, Staking, Incentives, Events)
  2. Second release (MVP + Votings, Governance, Polar tokens Creator, NFT)
  3. Statistics module (Event History, Pool stat, Trading volume, Liquidity, Transaction history, Price charts, Leaderboard, PnL)
  4. Advanced trading (Trade Pool + Order Book + Limit orders, Pending orders, rates only on specific events, automatic rates, Leverage)
  5. Advanced interface (event lists, live broadcasts, ratings, analytics, user chats)
  6. Additional functions (binary options, lottery, long-term forecasts, bets on 3 or more outcomes, cross-platform liquidity, leverage without liquidation (Squeeze), multi-collateral system).
  7. How do polar tokens work?
  8. What is Polars’ greatest competitive advantage?
  9. What business model does Polars have and how is commission distributed among users?
  10. How to make money by providing liquidity?
  11. What is the difference between Liquid Pool and Trade Pool?
  12. How to make money on farming?
  13. How to place bets and earn?
  14. How to make money on arbitration?
  15. What is the function of the POL governance token?
  16. How and when can I get / buy POL?
  17. Pre-sale for early adopters.
  18. List of future Polars features (Shortlist)
  19. What happens after listing on Uniswap? (Staking + Farming)
  20. How to get the maximum POL tokens within 6 months with minimal investment.
  21. How to win a trading competition and get a free POL allocation?


-- — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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