What is Polars’ most important competitive advantage?

2 min readMay 21, 2021

The main problem with the prediction market for Defi is low liquidity. We can observe a very large dependence of the liquidity level on the popularity of the event for which the forecast is made. Liquidity providers are reluctant to add liquidity for unpopular events as they will make little money due to low trading volume. And users, in turn, do not want to participate in illiquid markets, since the risks in this case are too high. This vicious circle has not yet been broken by anyone.

Polars is revolutionizing the way prediction market mechanics are implemented. Liquidity providers add liquidity not for a specific event, but for a pair of polar tokens, the price of which is consistently influenced by various events. Now there is no link to the popularity of the event, since polar tokens are always as liquid as possible.

In one unit of time, on an ongoing basis, on the Polars platform, the interests of all protocol stakeholders intersect at once: liquidity providers, betters, traders, arbitrageurs and holders of POL management tokens. This creates concentrated liquidity for the polar WHITE and BLACK tokens, constantly.

More than 16k users have now beta-tested the Polars platform and have added over $ 50 million in liquidity to the polar tokens WHITE and BLACK. This makes Polars prediction markets as attractive as possible. Polars has many more unique advantages, but in this article we are talking about one main difference — concentrated liquidity.

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