How to win a trading competition and get a free POL allocation?

In order to win the trading competition, you must maximize your TUSDC balance during STAGE 2 of Polars Beta-testing.

After passing STAGE 1, you will have a certain number of funds on your balance sheet. As part of STAGE 2, you can use this balance in order to earn additional TUSDC. You can place bets, arbitrate, be the holder of BWT tokens, Provide liquidity in the Liquid Pool and Trade Pool, participate in Farming.

On May 30, we will summarize the results of the trading competition, and 50 users who have maximized their balances during the STAGE 2 process will share the POL token allocation award of $ 50,000.

1st place — $10,000

2nd place — $7000

3rd place — $3000

4th place — $2000

5th place — $1000

6–50 places — $600

The results will be calculated on May 31 after the beta testing of the Polars platform is completed.

  1. How do polar tokens work?


-- — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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