How to bet and earn?
2 min readMay 21, 2021

In order to place a bet on the corresponding team, you need to buy the corresponding token: WHITE or BLACK.

For example, we have a Bitcoin Up — Bitcoin Down event. Bitcoin Up is on the side of the White Team. A Bitcoin Down is on the Black Team side. Therefore, if the Bitcoin price goes up, the White Team will win, and the WHITE token price will increase, and the BLACK token price will go down. But their aggregate price will remain unchanged.

If you predict that the Bitcoin price will go up, you can buy WHITE. If your prediction turns out to be correct, the White Team will win and the price of the WHITE token will rise. You will make a profit.

When the event has not started yet, you can buy the desired token in the Liquid Pool at a fixed price. But if the event is already underway, you can buy the required token in the Trade Pool. Just pay attention to the price — perhaps it is no longer profitable for you, since it is very different from the price of a closed Liquid Pool.

Also, you can sell tokens, or exchange them among yourself in the Trade Pool during the event, if you see that your forecast does not come true, and the price is acceptable. But always remember that in the Trade Pool the price of polar tokens is market and not fixed. Check the price before making a trade.

Your task is to make correct predictions. Remember that if you own one of the polar tokens, then you are in position, as the price of polar tokens changes after each event.

If you do not want to participate in predictions for some time, you can choose from 2 actions:

  • Either sell your token at the current price
  • Or buy the opposite token in the same amount. (if you don’t want to sell)

Remember that if you own the same amount of two tokens (WHITE and BLACK) you are out of position as the aggregate price of polar tokens remains the same.

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