📢Weekly report

How to make money and profit using our system


Place bets, buy or sell White and Black tokens and make money from a price change.

🔷POL token

POL governance token holders receive rewards from platform fees. They also receive bonuses for voting, which is available to holders only.

🔷Arbitration opportunities

Sell and buy polar tokens across the Betting and Trading pools of the platform. After each event, you have the opportunity to make money on the price change 15 times a day.

🔷Add liquidity

You can become a liquidity provider to the Trade Pool by placing the ideal number of White and Black tokens in it. For this, you will receive a part of the trading commissions.


  • We changed the bridge for the POL token (bep20)

🔷New partners

We keep on attracting new partners and sponsors of the Big Trading Competition. We have already partnered with Fetch.ai, To The Moon, Roobee, Mettalex, Arcona, Blockchain Cuties Universe.


To keep abreast of the results of the events and stay tuned, join our Telegram channel with events: @polars_events

🔷New Polars official video

We are already in the process of launching the Polars mainnet and the Big Trading Competition is starting very soon. In connection with the launch of the referral program and a large-scale marketing campaign, many new users will get acquainted with the Polars concept. In this video, we want to briefly describe the basic concept of Polars and detail the options for earning money on the platform a little.


🔷Mainnet: all-in-one useful information

We launched the mainnet on Binance Smart Chain, as the majority of our users suggested. Link to the platform: https://bsc.polars.io

  • BUSD is the main asset on the platform.

The platform is not yet ready, it is still under development. Right before the launch of the platform, we will conduct a Big Trading Competition on the testnet aimed to show users the advantages of the platform, familiarize them with the mechanics, and uncover earning opportunities.

  • Let’s try 6% volatility of polar tokens?

Until now, the standard volatility of polar tokens on the Polars platform has been 5%. This means that after the end of each event, the price of the winning and losing tokens changes by about 5% * Coef.

We will experiment with a gradual increase in the level of volatility in order to increase the earning opportunities for our users.

  • Polars: Trade Pool Update (Nov 2021)

Previously, the Trade Pool had 3 tokens: BUSD, WHITE and BLACK. Users could freely exchange these tokens among themselves. Liquidity providers also had to add 3 tokens to Trade at once in the same value proportion.

Now only 2 tokens will be present in the Trade Pool: WHITE and BLACK. Users will be able to freely exchange them among themselves. Liquidity providers will also need to add only two tokens, similar to Uniswap pools.

Stay tuned!🚀



Polars.io — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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