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This week we have been telling you how we choose events for predictions, what were the price changes in White and Black tokens. Furthermore, we were talking about ways to get profit on our platform.

We propose different types of earnings, depending on the user role in the platform’s operation. Successful forecasts are not the only way to obtain yield.

#POL token holders receive a payback of 30% from all the completed swap fees. Market Makers receive a commission for all the finished swaps, moreover, they prosper from the aggregate growth of polar tokens. We distribute half of the token pool, which is intended for rewards, amid this category of users. A special group is our team and early investors. They are initially the owners of the #POL token with the corresponding benefits, besides the commission from the secondary pool is also distributed among them.

We allow all users to earn money💵

Results of the events directly affect the value of the White and Black tokens.

We track events that include opposing sides: a football match, a presidential election, a hockey match, tennis, chess, running or swimming competitions, currency exchange rate changes, and many others.

Each day, we choose from 10 to 15 of the most spectacular and fascinating events so that the users are interested in playing and cheering for their team. If the White Team wins — the cost of the White token rises and vice versa.

Users buy, sell, or hold tokens, depending on their prognosis for the outcome of the competition.

In May, we followed basketball🏀, football⚽️, and boxing🥊. The jumping-off point for the White token was $0.525 and for the Black — $0.475. The White team was the luckiest in the room; it won most of the events, increasing the cost of White tokens. There was even one draw, after which the price of White and Black tokens did not change. So far, after all the sports events, the prices of tokens are as follows: White is 0,5905, Black is 0,4095. It was an amazing time to take advantage of the price difference📈.

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Polars.io — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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