Tennis Event Prediction Guide: Influencing Factors and Tips
3 min readNov 22, 2022

Tennis is a dynamic and spectacular sport. To learn how to predict tennis matches, you must understand the rules of the sport, as well as how different styles of play and court surfaces can affect the outcome of an event. In addition, we have prepared for you some tips that are necessary to understand the sport and make successful predictions.

Is the player in good shape?

It is quite possible that the player is recovering from an illness or injury, he has some personal problems or he just had a series of bad matches. We must take into account all factors that may in some way affect the outcome of the match. Study the latest news and social media of each player from the upcoming match.

Results against specific opponents

It happens that some players do not play well against certain opponents. Facing players with different styles of play can be a disadvantage for one player and an advantage for another. A good example is left-handed tennis players, who can easily confuse opponents who are not used to their style of play.

Some players may also feel pressure when playing against certain opponents, and because of this mental block, they may not be able to win.

The statistics of face-to-face meetings can be easily found on the Internet.

Is the tournament important to the player?

It often happens that a player is invited to participate in a tournament, but it is not particularly important, the only incentive being the money the player will receive from participating.

But the next tournament may be important to the player, so he may not put himself out there for fear of injury or physical exhaustion.

Pay attention to the coverage of the tennis court

There are three surfaces on which tennis is played: hard surface tennis court, dirt court and grass, and each represents a completely different perspective. Each player prefers his or her own surface, and vice versa: a champion on grass can become cannon fodder on dirt.

With that in mind, the first thing to look at when considering a match is how the player behaves on a given surface. If history shows that a player is weak on grass, don’t expect him to go against the trend anytime soon; it’s likely that the surface just doesn’t fit his style of play.

Look at the stats

There is a wealth of free and easily accessible data on tennis players, be sure to take advantage of it. From a player’s average serve speed, to his saved break points, to the number of trophies in his closet, it’s all available and should make a difference in which player you prefer and why.

Below is a short list of helpful tips that summarize and supplement the above information:

  1. Research. Study the players and their playing styles, their physical condition, and their motivation. Pay attention to the coverage of the tennis court. Get to know the different tournaments and their winners.
  2. Observe all the events of the tournament. If a player has played long, tense matches and is the likely winner of the next one, consider the possibility of a surprise outcome.
  3. Pay attention to trends. Like other sports, tennis also has trends. At a particular tournament, some players may perform better than others. Also, some players may have a mental block when playing against certain opponents.
  4. Rumors can be useful. Read news and rumors about players, get to know them and find out everything you can about their personal life and physical condition. All of these things can have a big impact on a player’s performance in a given tournament.
  5. The weather is unstable. Taking the weather factor into account can help you win. Pay attention to which player performs better in hot sun, rain, fog, or windy conditions.
  6. And last, but not least, advice for all sports bettors: Stay calm, even if you win or lose. Anger is a dangerous advisor.

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