Polars x Sport Investing Partnership

3 min readNov 14, 2021

The launch of the main Polars network is close, which means that the Big Trading Competition with a prize pool of about $ 300k + NFT will start very soon. We are thrilled to announce Polars’ partnership with Sport Investing.

About Sport Investing

SPORTINVESTING.COM — fan engagement ecosystem for sports and crypto world which offers sports fans and investors innovative ways to invest in the sports market with SITX token.

creating absolutely new level of fan engagement by providing opportunities for every sports fan and investor to make money on their favorite sports.

The platform pays attention to increasingly popular trends:

  • Fan Token Launchpad and Exchange: now, every athlete can have his personal Fan Token
  • Sports performance tokens: each person can earn on the growth of the athlete’s market value

Fan tokens will give an opportunity to be closer to the sportsman and get in touch with him by holding his personal cryptocurrency. It will allow users to take part in all the competitions and activities that the athlete suggests for his holders: free tickets to the matches, small press-conferences for the fans, offline meetings, online sport competitions and much more! At the same time, the athlete receives the blockchain implementation of his personal brand and 90% income from selling his own token.

Learn more about Sport Investing on http://sportinvesting.com

Partnership Integration Details

In the near future, Polars intends to cooperate in the distribution of rare NFTs through cooperation with Sport Investing.

During the Big Trading Competition, Polars users will have to choose between the sports that they prefer more. Two variants are provided: football or mixed martial arts. After making a decision, the user needs to leave a comment with the name of his favorite athlete or club. The team which will have more likes, comments and retweets will win in the competition.

Sport Investing sponsors the Big Trading Competition with a $25k contribution to the prize pool (in SITX tokens and some NFT’s)

Conditions for Receiving SITX Tokens as Part of Polars’ Big Trading Competition

Rewards will be distributed after the end of the Big Trading Competition. You can get rewards in your Sport Investing account.


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