Polars x EYWA Partnership

About EYWA

EYWA is a unique cross-chain protocol that integrates different blockchains, transferring both liquidity and arbitrary data, simplifying the user experience as much as possible. EYWA will make cross-chain interactions open to everyone, both users and DeFi developers

EYWA solves the following DeFi problems for users:

  • Helps exchange different assets between blockchains FAST, using both their own pools and the liquidity of other exchanges. EYWA DEX will basically work as a cross-chain liquidity aggregator, finding the best cross-chain exchange option.
  • Pay fees in convenient assets using gasless transactions. You don’t need ETH or BNB to make transactions. You can pay for the transaction using, for example, USDT.
  • It’s easy to use, and it requires a minimum amount of actions for complicated transactions.

For developers

  • DeFi project EYWA creates easy-to-use tools to build your own cross-chain applications with minimum effort and provides them with the infrastructure to perform gasless transactions across all popular blockchains.
  • Allows developers to move their tokens between blockchains and create their own cross-chain liquidity pools.
  • Allows to compensate for the disadvantages of some blockchains with the advantages of others.

Partnership Integration Details

In the near future, Polars will use EYWA for cross-chain movement of internal protocol assets.

Conditions for Receiving EYWA Tokens as Part of Polars’ Big Trading Competition


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.



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