Polars Roadmap 2022

The main problem for prediction markets is Low liquidity in unpopular markets.

We have a vicious circle that cannot be broken. Liquidity providers are reluctant to add liquidity to unpopular events due to low user activity. Users, in turn, do not want to make predictions in illiquid markets due to high risks and slippage. And so in a circle. As we can see, liquidity farming and other defi mechanics like Staking and ect do not help much.

Polars fundamentally solves the problem of low liquidity for unpopular markets.

We turned it around. In traditional models, a separate liquidity pool with a unique set of assets is created for each individual event. If the market is unpopular, we have low liquidity and low trading volume. There are more than 95% of such markets at the moment.

Polars has one liquidity pool for one polar token pair. Many events one after another, every day, consistently affect the price of polar tokens and change it. At the same time, we have constant concentrated liquidity and a constantly high trading volume due to the fact that at one point in time, within one pair of polar tokens, the interests of liquidity providers, betters, traders, arbitrageurs and POL holders intersect.

Unconventional and unique solution to this problem could make it possible for Polars to become the most liquid DeFi protocol in the prediction market space.

Polars Business Model

Its simple, like Uniswap or MDEX. Users pay the comission 0.3% for polar token swaps in the Prediction Pool. Received fees are distributed:

Prediction Pool fees:
40% — buy back POL and Burn
40% — buy back POL and distribute between advanced users
15% — Controller fee
5% — increasing the aggregate price of polar tokens

As you can see, a fairly large number of generated commissions are directed to the buyback of POL tokens from the market, which will subsequently affect the stabilization of the circulating supply

What we have now?

Now we have a ready-made version of the application, which contains the main functions.

Over 60k registered users
About 30k users on social networks
Over 20k participants in the Big Trading Competition on the Heco Test
About 1000 users trade simultaneously on the test network
About 100 users interacted with the application on the Mainnet.

We are preparing for the launch of Polars Launchpad, as well as developing several white label solutions for third-party companies. The platform with the underlying asset POL will be launched in January. The launch of the Big Trading Competition on the Heco Mainnet is planned for February.

What are we planning in the near future?

1. Pending Orders (Users will be able to make predictions for any event from the list at any convenient time. Now you will not need to be on the platform all day) (Q1 2022)
2. Crypto oracle Pools (A pool for traders will be launched, which will regularly launch prediction markets for cryptocurrency prices. This is an interesting trading concept similar to short-term options trading) (Q1 2022)
3. POL Prediction Pool. (Users will be able to make predictions using POL tokens as the underlying asset for the purchase polar tokens)
4. One-off Pools (There will now be one-off pools as option in which the price volatility of polar tokens can be 100%. The user either loses everything or earns a lot) (Q2 2022)
5. Custom Polar tokens users creation (Q2 2022) (Now any user can create their own pool with their own polar tokens, commission sizes and an event thread)

B2B Dev
5. Polars Launchpad (Q1 2022) (Users will be able to receive allocations of various projects in accordance with their trading performance. More information on Polars Lounchpad in development)
6. White Label dev (Q1 2022) (Various businesses with their own user base will be able to launch a custom platform for their individual events)

Business Dev
7. Investment round for MM (Q1 2022)
8. Listing on CEX’s (Q1-Q2 2022)
9. Infrastructure Partnerships (Q1 2022)


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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