🚀Polars has launched the mainnet

The Big Trading Competition is finished. For these active 10 days, users learned and practiced utilizing the platform. Well, now it’s time to launch the Polars mainnet!

🟣Polars main network is built on the top of the HECO blockchain, developed by Huobi Global. It stands out with its fast transaction speed and low fees.

The mainnet features trade & prediction, earn, and tracking the list of events.

📈Trade & prediction

Here you can see the current event underway and the latest one, the distribution of teams, the price, and the change of White and Black tokens price. You can easily switch between the Prediction Pool and the Trading Pool, buy and sell White and Black tokens for HUSD, and earn on price changes. Make your predictions and gain profits. Soon we will broadcast events live so you can watch and root for your team.


You can see the list of events, time, distribution of White and Black teams, event category, and token volatility for each event. Here you will also find information on the latest events, predict possible price changes for White and Black tokens, and make your forecast in the Trade & prediction section.

🤝On top of everything, on the mainnet, you will find all the important links to the latest news on our Medium, social networks, White Paper, team, contacts.

Gear up, for it’s going to be really hot — another Big Trading Competition in development now, and this time we will hold it on the mainnet!

Enter in the HECO mainnet details as follows:

🔷Network Name: Heco-Mainnet

🔷New RPC URL: https://http-mainnet-node.huobichain.com

🔷ChainID: 128

🔷Symbol: HT

🔷Block Explorer URL: https://hecoinfo.com

To try it out in practice, head over heco.polars.io, connect Metamask wallet, configure it for the HECO network, and make your predictions! 🎆




Polars.io — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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Polars.io — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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