Polars Bounty Program (Nov 2021)

3 min readNov 19, 2021


In anticipation of the official launch of the main Polars network, and the start of the Big Trading Competition on the testnet, we are launching a weekly bounty program with a reward pool of 100,000 POL per Week.

Each user can join in completing assignments for Polars and for our sponsors and partners. Each completed task will give a certain number of points. During the week, new tasks will be added and you will be able to increase the number of points earned. At the end of the week, we will calculate the points and distribute 100 POLs among the top1000 participants. (100000 POL in total)

The next week will start counting again. Each user can win for several weeks in a row. There are no restrictions.

Link to Polars Bounty Program:



  1. Let’s sign up for the Polars Bounty Program

2. You can start completing tasks. Please note that the first 5 tasks are required. Without completing them, the following tasks will not open.

3. You can see the tasks you have completed in the My Entries tab, and the leaderboard can be viewed in the Leaders tab:

Please note that to confirm the entry into the telegram chat or telegram bot, you need to enter the SecretCode, which you can find either in the description of this chat (or bot) or in pinned messages.

Additional rules

  • Be careful, tasks are constantly updated, so do not miss your chance to get the maximum number of points and get rewards.
  • For posts and reposts on Twitter, you must have at least 10 followers.
  • All tasks will take place including additional manual moderation.
  • We reserve the right to ban members who try to circumvent the requirement of the bounty program by trickery and deception.

This bounty program is very important to us. We want as many users as possible to participate in the Big Trading Competition. As practice has shown, no one remains indifferent from the drive and positive that users experience during trading competitions. Let’s expand our marketing reach together!


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