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This week we talked about Polars friends, shared the pre-sale success, described the prediction market in figures, and spoke about the present and future functions of the POL token. Let`s sum up.

Polars friends

These are active community members who help us in our work: they answer questions from other users, identify bugs, inform us about scammers, and sometimes replace admins in our communities. We reward these users for making the platform work better.

Pre-sale statistics

2718 people participated in testers pre-sale, 5,559,562 POL sold!

There were three options to buy POL depending on price and blocking period:

🔹Option 1: $0.15, blocking period 6 month — 19.4% POL (686 users)

🔹Option 2: $0.20, blocking period 3 month — 9.76% POL (337 users)

🔹Option 3: $0.25, blocking period 1 month — 70.7% POL (1695 users)

Prediction market

The prediction market is one of 12 DeFi fields. The entire DeFi market is valued at about $4 billion, and the prediction market has 2%, which is about $80 million.

Prediction markets work according to one of the following principles:

  • the prediction market is such a superstructure over other well-known blockchain networks and uses their cryptocurrency in transactions
  • the prediction market has its own blockchain and currency.

Prediction markets are a kind of information aggregator and make half of the errors compared to traditional methods.

POL functions

  1. Participating in voting
  2. Participating in staking
  3. Receiving rewards for activity on the platform
  4. The ability to create own pair of polar tokens on the Polars platform
  5. Receiving exclusive Historical NFT Event Tokens
  6. The ability to buy polar tokens with POL

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-- — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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