As usual, we summarize the work we have done this week and briefly recall the main news.

🟣Registration for the big trading competition is open right now.

Big trading competition will be held on a test platform for users to learn the functionality of the platform.

You will receive rewards for participation:

💰$200k + in tokens of our sponsors and partners,

💰$50k in POL tokens,

💰NFTs of our sponsors and partners.

Registration link: tg://resolve?domain=polars_io_bot&start=ml23

🟣Polars Monthly Plans

🚀Launch of the tPOL platform for users who should receive an airdrop for participating in early testing.

🚀Non-public Launch of Polars mainnet for the community and deep testing of smart contracts.

🚀Launching a marketing campaign to mark the launch of Polars mainnet and announcing a big trading competition on the testnet.

🚀Start of a large trading competition on the testnet with a prize pool of $ 200k+

🚀Listing on one or more centralized exchanges.

🟣Polars: New types of Pools

💫Betting Pool

In this pool, you can buy, sell, and exchange polar tokens at a fixed price without slippage for BUSD. The price depends on the result of the external event. The Betting Pool becomes inactive during the event, so the users can`t perform any transactions until it ends.

💫Trading Pool

In the Trade Pool, users exchange Black, White, and BUSD tokens. Their price depends on the correlation of tokens in the pool. Liquidity providers add liquidity only to the Trade pool.

🟣Mainnet: what to expect? Highlights

  • We have abolished the Base Pool, and now there are only the Betting Pool (former Liquidity Pool) and the Trade Pool available

🟣Big tokenomics updates

📍The total emission of POL governance tokens is 1.6 billion tokens, 1 billion of which will be distributed among active platform users within 5 years.

📍Part of the platform’s commissions will serve to buy back tokens from the market and burn them.

📍POL holders will receive 40% of commissions in the Betting Pool and 30% in the Trade pool.

📍The size of staking rewards will depend on the trading volume of the Betting and Trade Pool, the number of staked tokens.

🟣Polars Angels Program

Polars Angels are the first 1000 users who actively participate in the development of the platform and invite new users to the platform, engage in educational activities and train new users.


+15% to all referral rewards

Automatic distribution of new referrals who came to the platform on their own.

Other rewards

More details here: https://link.medium.com/QhdjLP1Hkjb

🟣Polars Partnership Bounty!

We will be running many consecutive trading competitions with a big prize pool and we need sponsors and partners for the whole year ahead! Participate in organizing sponsorship partnerships and get rewards.

💥💥💥Details of the bounty program in this article: https://link.medium.com/s49CbUscmjb

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