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2 min readJul 29, 2021


Shortly about the weekly news and achievements

📍Global expansion of Polars in crypto industry

We made it interesting and profitable for users to predict absolutely any event, regardless of scale, personal involvement, and level of potential income. Users of our platform add liquidity not to an event but to a pair of polar tokens. With the growth of activity on the platform, the cumulative value of a pair of polar tokens grows too, so liquidity providers always make a profit💰💥

Another market innovation from Polars — users now can create pairs of polar tokens, besides, there can be separate pairs for separate categories of events and blockchains. We create opportunities for investing, trading, staking, farming, arbitrage, and regular betting — any DeFi market participant can work with Polars.

📍Efficient market hypothesis (EMH)

The efficient market hypothesis proposed by the American economist Eugene Fama says: financial markets reflect all available information on the price of assets at any given time.

According to this hypothesis, Polars can be called an efficient prediction market. After all, absolutely every event, or rather its results, affects the price of polar tokens Black and White. The governance POL holders determine the volatility in the market, so it is not a turbulent and unpredictable value💪

This structure of the platform’s work reduces randomness. You predict events, and you predict your income with Polars.

📍POL main benefits

POL is a governance token on the Polars platform. Besides the ability to manage the operation and development of the platform, it provides many other advantages.


The commission income is distributed among the holders for all completed swaps and transactions within the network.


The right to vote on choosing the events for predictions, the distribution of White and Black teams, and the determination of the volatility for White and Black tokens.

🏅Staking and farming

The opportunity to receive passive income from staking 0,3% a day, farming — 181% APY.

🏅Custom polar tokens

The opportunity to create custom pair polar tokens that will work on the principle of White and Black tokens.


In the future, POL holders will make all the decisions on the development of the Polars protocol.

🏅Historical sports NFTs

Access to sports NFTs distribution both internal and external.

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