This week, we talked about the advantages of the Polars platform, boasted a strong team, shared our YouTube videos, and recalled the concept of polar tokens — let’s sum up.

🔹 Benefits of the Polars platform

(1) We solved the problem of low liquidity in the prediction markets. We built a system in which liquidity providers add liquidity to a pair of polar tokens instead of events.

(2) Gamification, which makes prediction exhilarating and adds team spirit.

(3) Convenient, user-friendly, and regularly upgraded application

(4) POL governance token holders can control the platform through voting

(5) Arbitrage opportunities

(6) Risks that are manageable

🔹 What is the background of our team?

We have gathered people worldwide with an excellent background: the development of tokenomics, market-making strategies, and their implementation, creation of trading robots for platforms such as Binance Futures, participation in the development of products such as Sora, Polkaswap, CBDC. We are proud that we managed to combine experienced specialists in our project.

🔹 Polar Tokens

White and Black tokens are tokens whose value changes depending on the results of events in the outside world. For example, users of the platform predict the results of sports competitions, political events, changes in the exchange rate, and assume who will win and choose the strategy.

The minimum and standard change in the tokens price is 5%, but the cumulative value of White and Black tokens is always the same; now, it is $1.

🔹 Polars on Youtube

We regularly release videos on YouTube, and here’s what you can view about Polars.

Join us on Youtube or other social networks convenient to you!

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