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🔺Beware of scammers

Here is a list of the official pages of the Polars project:

❗Keep in mind, our admins never write you directly.

🔺Governance POL tokens are available on the following exchanges:



🔺New partners

Welcome our new partners: Sport Investing, Stoic, ExpX! We are glad to be partners with you, guys!

🔺Polars: First buyback and burn of POL based on trading commissions.

The other day, for the first time, we removed commissions from the Prediction Pool and from the Trade Pool and distributed them according to our business model.

👉We burned the first 5,730 POL:

👉More details and details about transactions and documents in this article:

🔺On Medium, you will find long reads about the project. The latest articles you should definitely read:

Polars: Trade Pool update (Nov 2021):

[bPol >Pol] Polars changes the bridge:

Polars: Base Concept (How to make money on the platform):

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-- — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.

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