Nov 26, 2021

2 min read

📢News by the week

🤝New partners

Welcome our new partners Minto and Succor Coin!

Minto is a digital currency project where merchants and consumers can get rewards in BTC staking BTCMT hashrate tokens.

💙About Minto: https://medium.com/polars-platform/polars-x-minto-partnership-368ced26cf4a

Succor Coin is establishing the new standard of DeFi tokenomics with its innovative automated buyback, collection, reward and burn system and revolutionary use-cases.

💙About Succor Coin: https://polarsio.medium.com/polars-x-succor-coin-partnership-cfcd4c473ea3

💥Re-design for Community test

We connected the new design to the tPOL platform.

💜Go to https://bsc-test.polars.io/

At the beginning of next week we will launch a new design on the BSC Mainnet, in which bPOL> POL Swap will already be available.

🔥Polars: Prize Pool and List of sponsor tasks

Did you ask for a single list of all sponsor tasks in one place?

Take it. Now the whole list will be in this article. https://link.medium.com/Jd8gfhxallb

🚀Polars Big Trading Competition

All the necessary information for the Big Trading Competition in one article: https://medium.com/polars-platform/polars-big-trading-competition-dec-2021-e174922fcfd4

💎Why to choose Polars to invest?

It does not matter how popular an external event is — we always guarantee high liquidity for any event due to a well-thought-out structure of work, a pair of polar tokens with interconnected prices, connecting the needs of all platform users. Other prediction markets have not yet reached this.

💰Predictable volatility in the high-volatile cryptocurrency market, isn’t it a paradise for crypto investors? You invest in polar tokens, and you know that their price will change 15 times a day. You also know the amount of volatility for each event, so you can make a forecast, take the right actions, and make a profit.

Before the launch of the mainnet, we will hold Trading Competition on the testnet. Users will practice on test assets and receive rewards in the form of real money for their activity.

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