📢Monthly results and report

2 min readOct 1, 2021


Here is the most important information for September: what we have done, how we have progressed to the launch of the mainnet, and what has changed in the platform’s work.

🟣Airdrop campaign

We distributed test tokens among the users who signed up for the airdrop list, each of them received 450 tPOL. After the launch of the main network, holders can exchange those tokens for official POL governance tokens. They used those tokens on a test platform, placed bets, provided liquidity, and had the opportunity to grow their assets.

🟣Discord Launch

We have created the Polars community on Discord by popular demand. So if you use this service, welcome to join us:


It is essential for us to provide you with a convenient way to interact with our project.

🟣Platform redesigning

We have redesigned our pages on social media and are now preparing for a website redesign. Now Polars social media looks outstanding with its bright neon lights, glitter, and energy it emits. We hope you enjoy it!

🟣Big Trading Competition

If you did not happen to participate in the airdrop, you could still take part in a Big Trading Competition. It also features test tokens with appealing rewards:

💰$300k + in tokens of our sponsors and partners,

💰$50k in POL tokens,

💰NFTs of our sponsors and partners.

To participate register on the link:


🟣Polars angels

Polars Angels are the first 1000 users who actively participate in the platform’s development, invite new users, engage in educational activities, and tutor new users.


+15% to all referral rewards

Automatic distribution of new referrals who came to the platform on their own.

🟣Polars Partnership Bounty

We attract investors to help us reward the participants of the Big Trading Competition.

We are ready to reward you if you bring some interesting and viable project to become our partner.

💎Your bounty rewards:

  • Contribution to the prize pool from $ 5000 to $ 9999. You get 3% in the form of POL tokens
  • Contribution to the prize pool of $ 10,000 and above. You get 5% in the form of POL tokens

Our partners will receive active information support and advertising among members of our active community.

🟣Referral Program

We have launched a referral program. You can receive 0.005 POL for every $1 of the trading volume of the referral you refer.

✨The referral program is already running on the testnet, so you do not need to invest real money to receive rewards for referrals you refer. To get a referral link, you should be a Polars Angel, Early Distributor, or Regular Distributor. For more information, read the article: https://medium.com/polars-platform/polars-referral-program-for-everyone-bonus-9e0fda5fb83b

🔺Thanks for joining us. Stay tuned, and do not miss cool opportunities!