Money Management in Event Forecasting

What is money management in forecasting?

Each player’s work day begins about the same way. He opens the offer of events that will happen that day (or the next day). He creates predictions for each event he is interested in.

Capital management systems

The first and most important thing in good money management is to determine how much starting capital you are willing to invest in forecasts. We recommend investing money that you can afford to lose without burdening your family’s daily budget. That way you can never bet more money than you are prepared to lose, because predicting events is a risky business. This advice is also relevant to other gamblers who prefer to gamble in a variety of games of chance.

This is the difference between the two systems:

Flat System — This system uses the same amount of money for each prediction in each event you play. Each prediction is always taken with the same amount of money. This method best shows how successful you are and what your hit rate is, as well as your return on investment (ROI). In addition, it is quite difficult to put yourself in an awkward bankruptcy situation with this system because it is a conservative method in forecasts that does not have large swings in your capital.

How to use money management

Since your prediction budget determines how successful you are at guessing the outcome of events, you must be very disciplined. Every prediction you make should be within prudent money management.


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