How to Make Accurate Handball Predictions: A Beginner’s Guide
4 min readDec 6, 2022

Predicting handball matches can be very lucrative, even though it is one of the least popular sports disciplines. A good knowledge of the game and a solid strategy are just two things that can help you succeed. Achieving success in the long run is not an easy process, but it is achievable if you put in the proper effort. In this guide, we will look at tips and strategies that can be helpful in shaping your strategy.

Handball basics

Handball involves two teams of seven players each — six field players and one in goal — playing on a 40 x 20 m indoor court for two halves of 30 minutes. The goal of the game is to score more goals than the opponent by putting the ball in the goal. The game is similar to basketball in that players use their hands to move the ball and drive the ball in a similar manner.

Scoring schemes mean that handball is closer in structure to basketball than to soccer. This is important from a prediction point of view because it determines the approach you should use.

The game is very fluid, with an unlimited number of constant substitutions. As a consequence, the score is usually played in groups, the teams focus on the attack, trying to gain momentum and gain an advantage, and then consolidate that advantage with periods of defense — the teams that are effective in both phases throughout the game are successful.

Having familiarized ourselves with the basics of handball, we will move on to more specific actions for successful prediction.

How to make successful handball predictions to win?

By studying the factors described below, you will be able to make your own great prediction on the match you choose.

1. note the last series of results

Obviously, the first thing to do when determining a reliable handball prediction is to look at the recent performances of both interested clubs. In addition to the final result of the last 2/3 meetings, you will also need to look at, for example, the team’s offensive performance (number of goals scored), defensive statistics (number of goals conceded) and other similar parameters from both sides’ recent matches — disqualification time, percentage of goals and shots, etc. These statistics can give you a clearer idea of what to expect from the encounter on which you have decided to make a prediction.

2. Check the stats of key players

In addition to the performance of each team as a whole in the match you choose, you will also need to watch the stats of the outstanding players on each side of the court. These athletes, who are sometimes relied upon by other players, can greatly influence the outcome of a game. In the past, for example, Christopher McDermott has often had a major impact on the outcome of any game he has played for the Warrington Wolves. To avoid failure and to make sure your prediction is as accurate as possible, always keep in mind the recent performances of your star players in each game — this will always be a key factor affecting the outcome of the match.

3. Revisit the absentees

As in the previous point, it is always important to assess the forces present in the match. Is there an injury to a key player on one team that caused him not to play? Did one team lose a man due to a disciplinary offense? There are many such questions that you must ask yourself in order not to miss a reliable prediction.

4. Evaluate the advantage of the venue

The fourth mandatory parameter is the place where the match you choose to play. As you well know, in handball, as in most sports, the home team advantage is often reflected in the result of the match. The familiar ground, the support of the home fans, the lack of fatigue due to lack of travel time — there are many obvious advantages of the home team, which are often reflected in the official results of the competition. Before analyzing the match you are interested in, it makes sense to remember that the home team often has the advantage, especially in a game that promises to be intense.

5. Analyze the psychological context of the match

As you continue your analysis, it is also important to consider the emotional and psychological aspects of the match you are interested in. Did the two clubs meet each other at the beginning of the season, and what was the result? Was it a match between two historic rivals (e.g., France vs. Croatia)? Were there any internal changes in both teams (e.g. coach changes, player disqualifications, etc.)? Was the last match between these two clubs tense? These and many other questions must be answered to ensure the accuracy of the prediction under all circumstances.

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