How to increase the chances of a successful prediction in soccer matches
4 min readSep 9, 2022


Soccer is an exciting game known to almost everyone around the world. The game is full of ups and downs, celebrations as well as losses, it is a mixture of many emotions at the same time.

In this article, we will break down the classic methods and approaches that will help you when predicting soccer games. Although there are no reliable or perfect games and you cannot rely solely on luck, you can make a good prediction with the help of statistics and certain rules.

Predicting the results of soccer matches has become a huge phenomenon over time.

All fans, analysts and websites that predict soccer matches will always give their estimates of which team will win a particular match. However, most of them turn out to be wrong. In addition, the cases when knowingly weaker teams win many matches against vastly superior opponents is nothing new in the soccer world.

So here are some useful tips to give you a deeper insight into match prediction.

Explore the game

Even if you don’t have extensive knowledge of the game, you can get information about soccer matches by watching highlights on YouTube, checking results on Google and various soccer apps.

This helps and improves your knowledge of soccer, and with improved knowledge comes a better understanding of how soccer works, from the moment the match starts to the referees’ decisions during the match to the outcome of the soccer match, and therefore, predicting becomes easier.


Often people make the mistake of rushing to predict a match. Doing a quick analysis before making a prediction is wrong because the chances of losing are high.

So try as much patience as possible, look carefully at valuable odds and listen to your intuition when choosing matches to predict.

Research match statistics

Statistics is your treasure trove of knowledge. You can find any information you need on Google.

Check the goals scored by the respective team. How many yellow cards did they receive? Does the team violate the rules? How many corner kicks did they receive? What was the average possession of the ball?

Every little detail you notice can carry a lot of weight for you in future predictions. Past matches are an important element of pre-match analysis. Through the details, you can make a winning bet.

Home advantage

Statistically, the team playing at home performs much better.

Home stadium can help you win the match even against stronger teams. There are reasons for that! For example, the fans in the home stadium is much more than the fans of the visiting team.

An away team has trouble traveling to another country or city, players are tired from the road, and the unfamiliar weather conditions and climate can be very disturbing.

Therefore, you can apply these facts to your prediction as well.

Explore the team’s calendar

Before you make your predictions, make sure you have important information about which players are injured or have gone on leave to play their national team matches.

Also pay attention to those who have recently played for their countries and are tired from long flights. For example, a player who arrived from Kenya to England the day before a particular game may negatively affect the results.

Another scenario: when a team participates in several competitions, there is a need to rest key players. Also, if the best striker of the team in question is injured, few goals will be scored.

Be aware of conflicts

Don’t forget that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, you should check who will play in the match before making a prediction. This is a vital element to consider if you want to get accurate soccer predictions.

Things like a lack of team spirit can indicate poor results. If the coach and the players don’t agree, even the most expensive club can’t perform at its best.

All the facts about various team conflicts are very easy to find out; if a curious situation arises, it goes straight into the sports news column.

Keep up with the latest team news

The Internet is now an information hive, and all social media platforms are a source of information. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are your exhaustive sources of information.

Players on both sides can often talk about the match. From their posts, you can get valuable information about the club atmosphere and other things that may favor that team.

In addition, you can read the lineup before it is published by the media. This will give you more time to make an accurate prediction.


To accurately predict soccer matches, don’t rely on luck, study statistics and analytical data. If you use the data to your advantage, you will make a lot of money.


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