Cybersport event prediction: where to start?
4 min readOct 6, 2022

Predicting the outcome of an event in eSports has become very popular in the last couple of years. In fact, it started long before professional video games became mainstream. However, the difference back then was that most betting was done on an informal basis.

The first trades were conducted primarily in the video game community. In fact, there was no choice; betting shops and betting sites were not yet paying attention to competitive video games, so anyone who wanted to predict events had to do so with other people.

The video game community was very active by then, and there were a lot of people who wanted to make money from video games. This allowed players to make deals relatively easily. However, it was not an ideal way. People had to rely on the honesty and integrity of the people they were betting with, and it was never guaranteed that they would get their reward.

Today, Polars solves this problem by bringing together people who like to make money with their discernment and video games.

You can’t make money off the bat if you’re not familiar with the topic. In order to understand everything and confidently predict the outcome of events in this industry, we recommend reading a few tips that will ensure a confident start.

Know the games you are predicting

Perhaps you are a big video game fan and already know all about the various cyber sports games. That’s great if you do, as you’ll have a slight head start. However, if not, we highly recommend taking some time to learn about the games we publish in the events.

It’s impossible to make a quality prediction if you don’t understand it. Start with the game’s website, and once you understand the concept and goals of the players, move on to watching the competition broadcasts. When you finally understand the game, select the upcoming match, study the playing teams, their players and statistics, then try to make a prediction. It may not work the first time, understanding comes with time.

It’s better to choose one game

There is no need to study every game. There are dozens of games played at the professional level, and it will take a very long time to fully understand each one. It is better to focus on one game first.

There is a strong argument for learning just one. Specializing in one game will ultimately limit your profit opportunities, but it also gives you an advantage.

The main advantage is simply that you will have more time to learn everything that is relevant to the game you choose. Instead of knowing several different games well, you can become a true expert in just one. This can be invaluable when it comes to making decisions, and will make it easier for you to determine a stronger team.

Meet the teams and players

Almost all of our prediction decisions are based primarily on what we know about the respective teams and players. The more we know, the better our chances of making good decisions. So it is in your best interest to get to know the teams and players as well as possible.

It’s actually quite easy to do. It is certainly easier compared to most traditional sports because the players are much more accessible. Many of them are active on social media, posting regular updates about what they do and how they play. They also post videos of their practice games (sometimes live), where they tell viewers about their game.

Following players on social media and watching their videos can be very helpful. This is something worth devoting a lot of time to, as it provides an additional level of insight that can really help you make good decisions.

Another good way to learn more about teams and players is to watch what is going on at professional competitions.

Use the gaming community

The video game community is huge. Collectively, it’s a great resource for keeping up with what’s going on in the professional cybersports scene. There are hundreds of blogs, forums and other websites where you can learn a lot about things that will help you make decisions in future predictions. Using the knowledge of other eSports fans is one of the best ways to improve your own knowledge.

Don’t limit yourself to major competitions

Major eSports events clearly get the most attention. They also tend to draw the most interest from people wanting to profit from their outcome. However, smaller competitions tend to offer the best opportunities to make money. The actions of the best players in their field are more difficult to analyze, their play is more difficult to understand, and their actions are not predictable. Lower level players are more linear and stable. The more stable the data we rely on, the easier it is to make correct predictions.

Study previous matches

There are many different factors to consider when assessing the likely outcome of cyber sports matches. One of the best indicators of what will happen are the results of previous matches. Some teams seem to do consistently well against other specific teams, and such information is useful to know.

This article is a reference point, which gives an understanding of where to start studying cybersports. Try to use each point in practice, continue to study this field, after which the confidence in the outcome of these events will only grow.


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